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Used Laboratory Equipments

Medical equipment and devices, Microscopes, Centrifuge, Ovens, Microscopes, Medical Beds, Used Laboratory Equipment and more. Clicking below...

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Laboratory Equipment
Clinical Laboratory equipment for benchtop - Centrifuge, Dry-Bath, Shaker Plates, Stirrers, Heatblocks,
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Medical and Surgical Equipment
Surgical Room Instruments, Stretchers, Hydrolic Adjustable Beds, Refrigerators, Blood Glucose Monitiors
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Microscope image
Laboratory microscopes, Optical Microscopes, Stereo Zoom, Light source, camera systems, American Optical, Nikon
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Skin Analysis
Skin Care Hydration Measurement, Elasticity measurement, Dermal Torque meter, Cell High Intensity Ultrasonic
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We buy used Laboratory equipment microscopes, centrifuge, storage and test instruments. Recycle unused laboratory instruments and devices. Call or email Surplus Sales Line...